Our Funding Partners

Many trusts and foundations are disease or condition focused. We strongly support the need for true collaborations within the philanthropic sector and welcome the opportunity to discuss how we may work together to deliver impact and make a difference.

Instead of focussing on a disease or condition, NFMRI’s strategy is to advance promising biomedical innovations, providing funding and value-added support. We believe that by providing in-kind support, together with strategic grants, the potential for collaborations and community benefits will be maximised.

Through our Board, Research Advisory Committee, management and networks, NFMRI is in a unique position to undertake due-diligence as well as leverage its skills, experience and expertise with researchers and their institutions to advance innovations and connect with industry and investors.

We are actively seeking opportunities to collaborate with and assist funders of biomedical research (including other foundations, PAFs and individuals) to make effective giving choices that mutually align with our mission and funding strategy.  Like many foundations, we also receive more expressions of interest and applications for funding than we alone can support. In all cases we look to recognise and collaborate with funding partners in communication and managing the grants unless the funding partner wishes to remain anonymous. NFMRI seeks to engage with funders of research to jointly fund projects of mutual interest in key two ways:

1.  Matched funding opportunities

In this option, funders of research have identified an alignment with our strategy and review processes.  These funders have requested the opportunity to co-fund projects that NFMRI has reviewed and decided to fund as part of our normal processes in their specified condition of interest.

2.  Providing assistance to support and manage giving

In this option, NFMRI can seek and review research projects using our processes, capabilities and strategy as part of a special funding round.  NFMRI would take leadership in managing any successfully funded projects.   If you have other potential methods of collaborating with us, please let us know. If you wish to make a donation or gift in Will to NFMRI please click on the link to be taken to the relevant page.

If you are interested in partnering with us, please complete our funding partner enquiry form below or contact Dr Noel Chambers on 0412 357 893.

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Funding partner enquiry

  • This form is for funders of medical research that may wish to partner with NFMRI to assist them with their giving. If you are seeking funding please read 'applying for support'. Please complete and submit the information requested below and we will be in contact to discuss further.