Upcoming events

Join us at the following upcoming sector events:

Conferences and events

Date Location Event
18-21 Sept 2018 Hobart Australasian Research Management Society (ARMS 2018)
17 October Canberra Solving the wicked problem of the gap from research to commercialisation (IP Australia)
27 Nov 2018 Sydney NFMRI 2018 Awards
21-22 Nov 2019 Torquay, VIC NFMRI 2019 Conference

Medical Research & Innovation – Strategies For Success (for researchers)

Date Location Host
28th Nov 2018 Sydney UNSW (Lowy Cancer Research)
March 2019 Melbourne  Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute


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Looking beyond the research and considering translational needs when funding research. How well are your expectations, application and review processes, measures of success and funding strategy aligned with the next steps for translation?

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