Make a difference

Whilst Australian researchers rank highly on international measures of research quality, our ability to translate research into medical innovations and form collaborations ranks below its potential.

Opportunities to test and develop new drugs, vaccines, diagnostics and devices can be advanced with philanthropic support.

Partnering with philanthropists, NFMRI supports efficiencies, advances innovations and facilitates collaborations.

Purposeful philanthropy makes a significant difference to the achievement of social outcomes.

The capacity to drive cultural change, scientific outcomes and the advancement of innovative opportunities is the essence of impact giving. Philanthropic investment in medical research can ‘go where others fear to tread’. This type of investment can significantly move a field of research or innovation forward, increasing the likelihood of success and the encouragement of others to follow. Through collaboration, philanthropists can assist researchers to accelerate progress, ask the ‘killer questions’ and close dead ends. With their focus confirmed, innovations are de-risked, allowing more effective partnerships and investments.

To make a difference, NFMRI helps philanthropists do something different.

In Australia, medical research and innovation is mostly supported by the NHMRC. However, it is well recognised that the NHMRC cannot fund all components of the research and innovation pathways and that funding and knowledge gaps exist, impeding the ability of researchers to form industry collaborations and attract investment.

The NFMRI is focused on identifying and supporting gaps in research and innovation pathways. To advance innovations and maximise potential impact, researchers need the skills and capabilities of other researchers across a broad range of disciplines. They also need access to resources, networks and people with specialised experience in medical innovation, translation, and commercialisation.

NFMRI has developed programs to support research in three portfolios along the innovation pathway. These portfolios are aligned with the different needs of advancing innovations. By leveraging current funding and supporting both knowledge and funding gaps, philanthropists catalyse and accelerate early innovations, maximising their potential to deliver community benefits. By working together, NFMRI, philanthropists, Private Ancillary Funds (PAFs), research institutions and other trusts and foundations can assist to maximise the returns from our portfolios.