Research Project Submissions


  • This is the submission page for EOIs and full applications. Once your form is finalised, please complete all information below and upload your PDF file(s) before submitting. EOI and application submissions may include a single page of figures referred to within the document. This page may be combined at the end of the document or added as a separate attachment. If you are uploading two documents, please wait until the first one has uploaded successfully. You will then have the option to attach another document. Both manual and digital signatures are accepted for our EOIs. Once your documents are uploaded, please click on the submit button at the bottom of the page. You will then receive an automatic email to confirm receipt.
  • Please select general unless the application is for a specifically promoted grant round.
  • Please identify the code that best applies to your innovation and research.
  • After uploading files please use the submit button below to finalise your submission and receive a confirmation email. Please include the name of the Chief Investigator in the name of each file uploaded. It is preferred that EOI are submitted on the original form (not a copy) as it assists in processing.
  • ... Please ensure your files have finished uploading before selecting submit!!





Looking beyond the research and considering translational needs when funding research. How well are your expectations, application and review processes, measures of success and funding strategy aligned with the next steps for translation?

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