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NFMRI is looking for supporters who can help us fulfil our purpose all whilst achieving theirs.

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Many corporations with established workplace giving programs find it difficult to support medical research projects. Whilst employees may not be able to assist in the lab, skills including marketing, technology transfer, capital raising, financial services, project management, contracts and intellectual property are some of the areas where staff could potentially provide significant and valuable in-kind support to engage with medical research projects.

Supporters help us fulfil our purpose

Our purpose is to advance medical research innovations across a multitude of diseases and conditions that have a significant impact on the health of humans. We do this by supporting key, targeted research components that are  not normally supported by others. Our support not only enables instrumental collaborations to be formed, but it also helps advance the innovation towards and across the ‘valley of death’. There are many ways your organisation and its people can get involved:

Help us support more research

Each year we review many good research projects. Unfortunately we can’t support them all.

  • Donations are a simple way that companies can support the Foundation and its research projects.
  • Some organisations may choose to co-fund a particular research project or disease area that NFMRI has selected for funding.
  • Workplace or payroll giving is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to give tax-deductible donations, which support innovative medical research across a multitude of prevalent disease and conditions.

By donating through your payroll, you can support NFMRI and obtain the tax benefit immediately. Instead of submitting tax-deductible donations with your tax return, the donation amount you elect to make is deducted from your salary before deducting tax, therefore the benefit is immediate. You will be kept informed throughout the year on how your contribution is helping make a difference.

We are a member of Good2Give (formerly Charities Aid Foundation or CAF), an organisation that makes it easy for businesses and donors to give to eligible charities via an online workplace giving platform.


The National Foundation for Medical Research and Innovation is a registered charity with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC)


Ask us to help you

Whilst there has been some discussion around the need and opportunity for mergers and acquisitions, it is not always the only solution. Some organisations with common goals may find it difficult and inefficient to establish expertise, networks and systems. NFMRI can engage with other organisations and grant makers to assist them in our particular area of expertise.

Sponsor the NFMRI Medical Research Innovation Conference

Opportunities to sponsor our biennial conference are made available from time to time. For more information on how you can get involved, please visit our conference page by clicking here.

Host an event

Hosting and sponsoring educational events such as roundtables and road shows will help you grow brand awareness, showcase your skills and expertise, as well as reach new audiences.

Provide pro bono and in-kind support

Pro bono or in-kind support that adds value to our supported research projects or helps us deliver our mission is always welcome. This assistance saves NFMRI from acquiring services on commercial terms, thereby freeing financial resources so they can be applied to support more innovative research projects. If you would like to discuss how your corporation may partner with NFMRI and its research projects please contact our CEO, Dr Noel Chambers.