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Measurements and rewards influence behaviour. They not only influence what is performed, but also what is not. Key performance indicators are often used to measure the performance of employees; they prioritise activities and drive behaviour. The measures, rewards and potential of future grant successes that funders of research and their employers put into the research […]


I started writing this post to provoke a conversation and scratch the surface on an important issue.  There are many differing points of view and most are valid, and less valid at the same time depending on the lens you are looking through. Measuring impact from research requires a more sophisticated or complex conversation than […]


Written by Jenny Pyke Jenny is the R&D Program Advisor and Accreditation Manager with the National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia (NATA)   There are ongoing discussions regarding the lack of reproducibility of research. This concern, expressed globally, has been fuelled by stakeholders’ failed attempts to reproduce key research outcomes and the retraction of some research papers, […]


Medical research is highly specialised requiring, cross fertilisation, communication and collaboration to share knowledge, advance innovation and deliver impact. This multipart blog looks back through the microscope into the labs, universities and the wider ecosystem to create a conversation about the drivers that influence behaviour, culture and focus within the research community and their institutions, […]






Looking beyond the research and considering translational needs when funding research. How well are your expectations, application and review processes, measures of success and funding strategy aligned with the next steps for translation?

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