Philanthropy: Opportunities to collaborate for success

1st March 2016

Health and medical research means different things to different people.  

Many start by thinking of a specific disease or condition.  For others, research might entail support for community access, improved health services, bedside or clinical care, wellness and prevention programs, nutrition, education and other aspects including the analysis and understanding of disease prevalence and incidence.

All of these are important and require different skills sets, capabilities, capacity and networks to be most efficient.

At NFMRI we focus on biomedical research only.  The benefits of biomedical research are often accessed through new innovations such as medicines, vaccines, diagnostics, devices, biologicals (e.g. stem cell interventions) and tools.




We believe that effective giving includes more than providing financial support.  NFMRI has built a unique capability to support biomedical research projects, helping innovations advance while enabling crucial collaborations to be formed.

Our strategy targets support within three portfolios, providing access not only to funding, but value-adding skills and networks with the capability and capacity to assist researchers and their institutions.

Our model of collaboration has been used successfully with the NSW Department of Primary Industries and has resulted in its expansion providing a new $400, 000 grant round into emerging infectious diseases.  100% of the moneys provided is available to support one or more research projects.

If you would like to discuss how accessing our strategy and capability can assist you or your organisation support biomedical research in an area that interests you please contact us.






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