Our Major Donors

The National Foundation for Medical Research and Innovation’s activities are supported via the generous gifts from our benefactors. The Foundation is grateful for the vision, foresight and support received from these individuals and families. It is only with the support of these kind donors that we are able to continue achieving our mission.

Our work has been made possible as a result of The Stern Estate, from which a substantial sum was bequeathed, and was divided equally between Sydney Hospital and our Foundation.

NFMRI acknowledges and thanks our late donors who so generously established a fund, including:

  • Cynthia & Patricia Gaden Fund
  • Josephine White and Hiltbrunner Fund
  • Tempe Mann Fund

NFMRI also acknowledges and thanks our late donors who generously contributed to our General Research Fund:

  • Estate Late Celia Margaret Paine
  • Estate Late Bill & Shirley Westbrook
  • Estate Late Daqmar Wilhemine Halas
  • Estate Late Gloria Ida Prejeant
  • Estate Late Blanche Elizabeth Turner
  • Estate Late Beatrice Gordon Joske
  • Estate Late Mary Althouse
  • Estate Late James Hoadley

Past Trustees

The National Foundation for Medical Research and Innovation has a long, rich history, having been established in 1977 on the initiative of the late Dr Frank Ritchie, who had a number of patients wishing to donate to medical research and for the capital to be preserved in perpetuity. Over the course of the years, we have been graced by the vision, foresight and commitment to the Foundation from our past Trustees who have served on our Board, including:

Sir Peter Abeles Founding Chairman 1979-1982
Mr JP Ducker AO 1979-1983
Lady Sonia McMahon 1979-1982
Dr FL Ritchie C.B.E. 1977-1982
Dr HH Spiegel 1979-1982
Dr J Raftos AM 1982-2007
Mr TL Lewis 1984-1990
Sir William W Pettingell 1984-1985
Mr RH Minter Former Chairman 1987-1999
Prof AJ Young AO 2000-2003
Mr ED Cameron 1979-1983
Mr MJ Inglis 1979-1983
Mr TE May Former Chairman 1979-1990
Mr BF Rose 1977-1995
Sir Ian Turbott C.M.G, C.V.O. 1979-1982
Sir Gordon Jackson 1984-1990
Mr JW MacBean 1984-1987
Mrs SE Ball 1987-1999
Mr PM Bowen 1995-2011

Our supporters

Supporters of NFMRI help us to fulfill our purpose. Our purpose is to advance innovations medical research across a multitude of diseases and conditions that have a significant impact on the health of humans. We do this by supporting key, targeted research components that are normally not supported by others. Our support not only enables instrumental collaborations to be formed, but it also helps advance the innovation towards and across the ‘valley of death’. There are many ways your organisation and its people can get involved.  Please see our supporters’ page to learn more.





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