Medical Research Innovation Conference

Australia has a strong track record in pioneering medical innovations and technologies, from the now famous Cochlear implant, to lesser known, yet highly successful, long-wearing contact lenses and ultrasound technology. With increasing health needs both domestically and globally, commercialisation of health and medical innovations presents a significant opportunity for social and private investors, philanthropists, as well as for the medical research and development sector itself.

NFMRI’s third annual conference, “Philanthropy: Creating Impact and Dancing with Elephants” took place on the 21st and 22nd of November 2017 at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney.

While our previous conferences sought to discuss key issues affecting the medical research and innovation sectors and to explore strategies and solutions to help build, support and grow the biomedical innovation sector in Australia, our third conference honed in on how small players can achieve impact by working with the sector’s ‘big players’. It brought together local and international experts to explore four key themes focused around how private and social investments in medical research, together with different strategies and bold actions, could lead to the advancement of innovations. The program also examined how we could increase Australia’s capability and capacity to deliver results all whilst growing the local economy. This included building a culture and funding ecosystem where industry, government, academia, venture capital and philanthropy converge to support innovations from beginning to end. Delegates left the conference with a better understanding of how to improve collaborations and how to build relationships between research and industry.

Who should attend our next conference?

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Management and executives from the following groups will benefit from attending the conference:

  • Philanthropists
  • Private and Social Investors
  • Government
  • Corporations and Industry Leaders
  • Researchers and Knowledge Commercialisation Specialists
  • Financial and Investment Services
  • Universities and Medical Research Institutes
  • Trusts & Foundations





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