Private Ancillary Funds

Deciding which medical research projects to support can be difficult and often requires specialised assistance.  By partnering with the NFMRI, we can help identify and review research projects that both align with your desired objectives and our strategic social investment strategy to advance biomedical innovations.

Private Ancillary Funds (PAFs) are tax-effective giving structures that are managed by a Trustee.  PAFs require a minimum annual distribution of 5% of the total asset value. Founders of PAFs can choose to delegate the Trustee with full control over selecting charities to support as well as investment decisions. Founders of PAFs may also choose to be engaged and involved if they wish.   Similarly to sub-funds, we can provide PAFs that choose to partner with us flexibility to:

  • Nominate diseases or conditions of particular interest;
  • Support research in a particular stage (or portfolio) along the innovation pathway; and
  • Give preference to a type of innovation (e.g. medicines, vaccines, diagnostics or devices).

It is important to us that we make giving to medical research easier and that donors have an opportunity to enjoy their giving, choosing their level of engagement with NFMRI and/or the researcher.