Gift in Will

Leaving a gift in your Will is an important and special way of ensuring you are able to make a difference for decades to come

Most of us have either directly or indirectly experienced the debilitating effects on health resulting from diseases or medical conditions. At NFMRI, we believe that our funding is best placed in advancing medical innovations in order to help accelerate the speed at which products and cures can be brought to the hands of those in need.

If making a difference in the lives of others and improving the future is important to you, leaving a gift in your Will is one way to assist you to achieve these objectives. While we understand the delicate subject nature of bequests, we would welcome the opportunity to discuss your goals, motivations and passions, and learn more about you and your family to ensure your legacy is carried out in a way that completely resonates with you.


Download NFMRI Bequest Form

Benefits of making a gift to NFMRI in your Will include:

  • Supporting medical research that advances innovations and enables collaborations;
  • Choosing to nominate preferences for:
    • diseases or conditions you are passionate about;
    • the type of innovation, and/or
    • the stage of research that is supported.
  • Rigorous due-diligence processes and value-adding activities to maximise potential impact from your gift;
  • Leveraging your gift with others to make a substantial and sustainable contribution towards medical research;
  • The opportunity to engage with the Foundation through our events, along with nominated family member(s);
  • Communication and engagement with your nominated family member(s) or representatives on how your gift has been making a difference;
  • For large gifts, the opportunity to create a named fund exists (please contact us for a confidential discussion);
  • Acknowledgement on our website, publications and annual report (if desired); and
  • The ability to demonstrate your values through your philanthropy and inspire your family to get involved in a cause you are passionate about.

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