Establishing a sub-fund

For donations or gifts in will of $500,000 or more, the NFMRI can establish a named sub-fund.  The Foundation will manage these investments (in perpetuity) making a minimum distribution of 4% of the asset value each year.   Sub-funds can be established to support our mission to advance medical research and innovation, providing flexibility to:

  • Nominate diseases or conditions of particular interest to the donor and their family;
  • Support research in a particular stage (or portfolio) along the innovation pathway;
  • Give preference to a type of innovation (e.g. medicines, vaccines, diagnostics or devices); and
  • Be named to support an ongoing legacy.

It is also possible for NFMRI to engage with donors and family members.





Looking beyond the research and considering translational needs when funding research. How well are your expectations, application and review processes, measures of success and funding strategy aligned with the next steps for translation?

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