2016 Conference


Proudly supported by the Queensland Government’s Advance Queensland Initiative, our second annual conference, “Supporting Biomedical Innovations: Getting Innovations on the Right Track”, took place on the 18th and 19th of October 2016 at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre in Queensland.




While our first conference sought to discuss and explore key issues affecting the medical research and innovation sector, our second conference focused on exploring strategies and solutions to help build, support and grow the biomedical innovation sector in Australia. It brought together local and international experts to explore four key themes focused around how private and social investments in medical research, together with different strategies and bold actions, could lead to the advancement of innovations. The program examined how we can increase Australia’s capability and capacity to deliver results all whilst growing the local economy. This includes building a culture and funding ecosystem where industry, government, academia, venture capital and philanthropy converge to support innovations from beginning to end. 

Our 2016 conference program is available for download below:



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The 2016 conference covered the following four themes:

Theme 1 – Thinking differently and being bold (18 October)

With a new national innovation agenda identified as a priority for Australia, new programs and initiatives were introduced in 2016. This theme will explore how government, academia, social and financial investors have responded to the challenges of delivering impact from medical research. 

Mr Bill Ferris AC’s speech can be found here

Theme 2 – Leading by example (18 October)

Whilst Australia ranks well in academic research and biotechnology in international measures, the Global Innovation Index shows that Australia is not performing well with “research efficiency” measures (i.e. the ability to convert our research into impact). This theme will provide an opportunity to discuss success and opportunities to help others do this better. 

Theme 3 – Building innovation in Australia (19 October)

Most opportunities arising from biomedical research are of global significance, providing access to new medicines, diagnostics, devices and vaccines far beyond Australian borders. The ability for medical research to also create new jobs, industries and investment opportunities in Australia is also important.

This theme will explore the challenges and opportunities of how the R&D ecosystem can deliver greater impact at home as our medical innovation ecosystem matures.

Theme 4 – Partnerships and strategies for impact (19 October)

One of our favourite and recurring themes is to open up a conversation with investors (social and financial) to discuss not only why and what, but how they support, or don’t support medical research opportunities.

Aligning expectations and discussing the great, good, bad and ugly can help other investors and those seeking investment or support.

“Proudly supported by the Queensland Government’s Advance Queensland initiative”

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